Castle Point Electrical Testing Ltd

AMENDMENT 3 REGS - New Metal Consumer Units to meet new regulations January 2016.

Please note : These prices are subject to the location of the works address and also the access times permitted to carry out the works.

All installation works are notified to the NICEIC and covered by their Platinum Promise which protects the customer against sub standard works.

Consumer Unit replacement from £330.00 AMENDMENT 3 REGS

Does you current Consumer Unit / Fuse box provide you with the right protection? Consumer Units are a crucial part of any installation, no matter how sound the cabling maybe, incorrect fuse ratings or overloaded fuse boxes are very dangerous as they may start a fire at any time and will most certainly lead to premature defects within the installation.

Latest regulations require all circuits to be protected by an RCD.

Price above includes for the supply and installation of a new consumer unit for upto 8 circuits and also includes an Electrical Installation Certificate. This does not include for any remedial works which may be required to upgrade the installation to meet regulations.

Domestic Inspection and Testing from £120.00

Are you a landlord with rental property that needs certification?

Is the property safe for your tenant? The Electrical Safety Council recommends that rented accommodation be periodically inspected once every 5 years, or at the change of tenant, whichever comes sooner.

If you are in the process of buying a new home, always have the electrics (and other services) checked before buying, you could save yourself a lot of money and hassle.

Are you a homeowner looking for peace of mind about your electrics?